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Expert Mosquito Extermination Services

Experience the freedom of outdoor space without the nuisance of mosquitoes in the Dallas Fort Worth area with Allied Antimite Termite & Pest Control. Our comprehensive mosquito extermination services are designed to effectively eliminate these bothersome pests and restore your peace of mind.

Regain Your Outdoor Space

Don't let the presence of mosquitoes dictate your outdoor activities. Whether it's a family barbecue or a casual game in the yard, we are committed to providing thorough and vigilant pest control solutions. Our team will stand by your side, offering single or multiple follow up visits until the mosquito problem is entirely resolved to your satisfaction.

Savor the warmth of the season without the worry of mosquito infestations by reaching out to Allied Antimite Termite & Pest Control today. We're ready to assist you with more information or to schedule an appointment.


Comprehensive Mosquito Service

Benefit from our one-time mosquito service, or choose a tailored service for your property.

  • Traditional Service:
    • One time service starting $65
  • Station Service:
    • In2care Mosquito Stations $35
    • additional station $25
  • Integrated Services:
    • Traditional Service  
    • In2care Mosquito Stations 
    • discounted bundle $95
  • Full Service:
    • Traditional Service 
    • In2care Mosquito Stations
    • Larvicide Treatment 
    • Service cost $145

* depending on the size of your yard and any additional services needed. Additional fees may apply.

The Importance of Pest Control

Our property analysis uncovers potential pest breeding grounds in your yard and provides recommendations to maintain a safe, pest-free environment. Make the smart choice by scheduling an appointment with our locally owned pest control company.